Sunday, July 16, 2006


Again.. another Sunday.. to say it's a Holiday, but probably the most laziest and longest days for me in the whole weekend. To add on, I got my bike bashed up lately, along with my right elbow, so not really in a very good position to go anywhere out in the first place.. :P
Just then, as I was normally wandering through my Favs, and sites, just recalled that I had a blog up too..
Started checking out the old pics, and videos and couldn't really imagine how time flew by..!!
I had been sitting in front of the PC for more than 2 hours now, doing nothing but cherishing those sweet and interesting memories from the far and the recent past.

I uploaded some, I checked out some, but at the end of it .. I cherish them all..!!
Just imagining life without my friends and folks is so damn impossible..! I thank God for giving me some of the most wonderful people around, but at the same time.. can't help being angry from him for taking somethings away I know I'm gonna be incomplete without for the rest of my life..! :-/

But I guess that's life.. that's how it's all meant to be........

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