Sunday, August 06, 2006

Some days..!!

Some days in life just don't seem right..! They make u wish over and over that you'd never arrived at that moment, that you would have been happier if you could have rather just slept past through them.. Or if you could just be in some other dynasty, in some other world, rather than having to be there where you were..
Well, as I mostly say.. I guess that's life..!! :-)

The mind tends to play games.. You feel .. actually, you don't feel the right things the way you should. Everything seems to be vague and foggy.. I hope it just settles out.. It's a lovely Sunday now, but trust me it didn't begin that way.. For starters, I got the stereo system stolen from my car (probably due to my carelessness though.. maybe I DID leave the window open.. :P), then a power outage bloody busted my PC out, and I couldn't even reach the BIOS screen to start up, and then I realized that my Horoscope for the next week didn't seem that so joyous too..!!
However, then I checked my cellphone, which somehow I had turned on Silent last night, and forgot to bring it back on ringer.. I had 26 messages.. all wishing me Happy Friendship day, and few in luck for my job promotion result tomorrow.. :) Next, I find my e-mail Inbox with 22 messages there, most on the same note..!
I remembered the talks we friends had last night, and surprisingly as it may sound at times, everyone seems to be haywire about something or the other in his life, due to some person or some thing. Then I think, and understood, maybe that's what was helping us all through it..
A lot of simple thoughts start coming up at the same time - "Tasks always get done under Pressure..", "God helps those who helps themselves..", "Where there's a Will, there's a Way..!" :-))

I received a
beautiful testimonial from one of my best friends, that made me feel a lot better (and a little important) of myself, in life.
I just thank God for whatever learnings He has provided me, in different ways, through different directions, and would always be obliged to Him for the most wonderful set of people I've been with in this life now..!
A very Happy Friendship Day to you all..! :-)

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