Saturday, November 24, 2007

Strong Enough......

It's today that I thought there'll be some more happiness coming my .. coming Our way.. My sister's match had been decided.. But it's today that I found how Weak I was; how weak We were.. the bonds that have to last years and lifetimes, seem to be getting shattered with mere misunderstandings and egoistic petty happenings that you'd never notice.. You'll be ready to treat a stranger with the highest respect and courtesy, however, with your own family.. with your own loved ones, that you see and meet with everyday.. you just don't have the courage and wisdom to confront and sort things out.. All leads to PerCeptions.. All leads to dissatisfactions.. All leads to.. just Weakness..!!
And NOW..!! I'm beginning to hate it.. I'm breaking myself .. with my own will.. knowingly that it's further going to take me to the depths of nowhere..
I HATE all this.. cos I can't feel strong enough anymore. I can't stop these stupid tears from droppin out.. I cant help these thoughts strangling my mind in an atrocious net of darkness within.. I can't help getting that feeling I would fear the most coming in me.. hatred.. I just can't..!

Is there a way to be Strong Enough..? Is there a way for me to be like the ones I look up to.. maybe for that one while.. to be able to confidently portray and put across what I want to. I don't know what I can anymore..

-eJ. (;;)

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Anonymous said...

What's up at home? I thought everything went great and all's well? I'm sure things are better now, but what happened then? Father's bros again or something along those lines?
Anyway, seems a bit late, but I only saw this now (sowwyyyy)